Daytona1 Team Member Justin Wake and his crew are running in the Top Sportsman Class with a naturally asparated 500 cu Chevy big block.  He recently tried our XL-1 Engine Treatment during a dyno-test.

Jason says that he and the crew have tried carbs, headers, head work, cams, header collectors and a few other tricks of the trade to gain horsepower with minumum or no gains.  On the first pull the motor picked up 6 HP!  The motor was cooled and tested again at max RPM's with a gain of 8 HP!  They did a third test and saw 8 HP gain again.  Also, a gain of 10 ft lbs of torque throughout the pull was recorded!  Justin said, " I'm at 1148 HP!  I'm very happy!"  Running 6.70's @ 205MPH.

Justin Wake

I'm a weekend warrior crate late model racer.  With the crate engines, every gain in horsepower and torque shows up on the racetrack.  I have always ran the expensive $16.00 / quart motor oil simply because I thought if it costs more it must be better.  Now I run Mobil 1 synthetic with Daytona 1 XL-1. I was amazed at the dyno numbers and the feel on the racetrack.  Bottom Line: “I went from $136 per oil change to a $48 dollar oil change and gained nearly 8 horsepower.”  

Chris Pendleton, South Carolina
#15 Pendleton Racing

 " I just finished waxing my car, I've been detailing my cars for 65 years. When I was young I used a cleaner then simonize wax. It would take almost two, ten hour days. When I went to school on Monday I couldn't pick up a pencil. Since then I have used every polish/wax ever known to man. This stuff is the best I've ever used! Plus, its user friendly.

The shine is the best I've ever put on my car, and with NO STREAKS! I've always had to rub my butt off to get the streaks out.  It was so easy, even at my age." 


Antonio DeMartino, Florida


 The #22 Henderson Dirt Late Model from Pasadena, Maryland proudly displays the Daytona 1 Performance Lubricants Team Logo.

Sent in by Driver Darin Henderson, racing in the RUSH Series mainly at Potomac and Winchester Speedways. Darin said, " thanks for making such a great product!" Your welcome Darin, from all of us here at Daytona 1.

Follow the Henderson Team at www.darinhendersonracing.com

Darin Henderson, Maryland
Henderson Racing #22

"We added MGL Defrictioator to a tufting machine in a major company. During 3rd shift they had a belt break stopping oil flow. The machine operator hit the override button and kept running the balance of the shift with no oil pressure. No damage occurred…Saved us thousands…An amazing product!!!"

David Renz, Georgia

"Magellan PSL is amazing! There are so many uses for this product.  The list goes on and on, I use it myself for heim joints to carburetor linkage, also for breaking bolts loose. It will surprise you. PSL is amazing!  Magellan makes great stuff!!"

Brian Carswell, North Carolina

"We put Daytona 1 Synthetic Gear Oil in a 9 inch Ford rear-end, our car ran cooler and it really freed up the car."

Brian, North Carolina

"We Dyno tested a 400 HP engine, added Daytona 1 Engine Treatment and gained over 8 HP, an amazing product."

Steve Hendren, North Carolina
Hendren Race Engines

Daytona 1 Engine Treatment saved me a $12,000 motor over the summer at Cleveland County. I had an oil pump screen break and I lost oil pressure. When I took the motor apart and bearings it looked brand new!

Chi Ching!!

Brian, North Carolina